PTA Information

The PTA at Reisterstown Elementary is an essential part of the success of our students.  If you have already joined, THANK YOU!  If you have not become a PTA member yet it is not too late!

PTA Executive Board


Tonya Robeson

Vice President

Jamie Franklin


Rena Hines


Jessica Heher


Since Reisterstown Elementary School is a “Green School”, the PTA will be posting a lot of information regarding upcoming events via:

·    Reisterstown Elementary PTA Face Book page

·    Reisterstown Elementary School Parent Face Book page

·       RES website

· – so please check your email account

·     Robo Calls

·       Twitter

So please joined these groups to keep up to date with the events happening in the school.

P.S. Flyers for events will be sent home, but they will be limited to stay with the “Green School”, philosophy.

PTA Forms and Flyers